Leaked photos show new Ferrari 812 Spider set to debut along F8 Spider

Ferrari is expected launch its 812 Spider along with the open-top version of the new F8 Tributo, if this leaked photo on Facebook is any indication. So whether you choose the front-engined V-12 or the mid-engined V-8, your sunshine dose is guaranteed.

Last year, Ferrari debuted another one-off called the SP3JC, but that open-top millionaire rocket was based on the wild F12tdf instead of the more recent, 789-horsepower F12 Superfast. Now, the 812 Spider’s debut seems imminent, as proven by two leaked images from a private Ferrari event.

Of course, those who wish to purchase an open-top F12 Superfast can already do so, if they don’t prefer the windshield-less speedster experience provided by the ultra-limited SP1 and SP2 Monza models.

Ferrari V-12 and V-8 Spiders

However, it seems that with the McLaren 720S Spider and other competitors out there already, Ferrari is wasting no time introducing the F8 Tributo Spider. (The plaques above were posted on Instagram by user Trax_x.) Performance figures are expected to remain the same as with the hardtop, meaning 710 horsepower from Ferrari’s twin-turbo V-8. Revving to 8000 rpm, it should still provide quite the, ahem, memorable acoustic experience.

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