Ineos Grenadier 4×4 now ready to order—and configure


Ineos Automotive has managed to generate quite a buzz in the last few years by creating its own vision of a rough-and-tumble 4×4, stepping into the niche opened up when that famous-British-off-roader-you’re-all-well-aware-of went off sale, replaced by something fancier.

That gap has now fully closed as Ineos opens order books for its Grenadier in all launch markets, including Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Interested parties can now also make a deposit to secure a build slot.

Dreamers can have a go too, since Ineos has also launched its configurator, every car enthusiast’s favorite online time-waster. The sole option for U.S. customers at the moment is the five-seat Station Wagon, but you can register interest in a forthcoming double-cab pickup. The configurator includes and all the usual paint colors, wheel options, and interior bits and pieces.

Ineos Grenadier interior cockpit driving action
Ineos Grenadier front mud slinging action

It’s also reminder too that the Grenadier isn’t expected to be badly priced for a car of this type. The Utility Wagon starts at £49,000 before you tick any boxes and the Station Wagon three grand more than that (about $65,000 at the current conversion rate). A BMW-sourced six-cylinder gas engine is the sole with eight-speed automatic gearbox is the sole powertrain configuration on U.S. shores, though the U.K. will also have the option of a diesel engine.

Hagerty drove a pre-production Grenadier earlier in the year, and aside from uncommunicative steering—something Ineos was aware of, and should be fixed for production models—found it capable in the rough and promising as a prospect.

Grenadiers will begin to filter out of the company’s Hambach facility in France (formerly the home of Smart, a contrast on-par with Volkswagen once building the Phaeton at the Sachsenring plant from which Trabants used to emerge) in July.

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