Hyundai refuses to give up on the minivan


Call it hubris, dogged determination, or belief in its ability to make a really great product, but Hyundai sees no reason to give up on the minivan. The marque just offered a first glimpse at the Staria, a multi-purpose vehicle (read: minivan) positioned to help Hyundai lead the way in a brave new world filled with “mobility solutions” rather than vehicles.

Hyundai Staria Exterior front three quarter

Forgot that airy last bit for a second and have a gander at that silhouette. Boxy! Functional! We dig the single line reaching from the top of the Staria’s roof all the way down to the front bumper; it suggests Toyota Previa, to our eyes. (That’s a compliment.) The single daytime running light spanning the width of the front end leads the eye around the side of the vehicle, which showcases a low beltline and massive windows. From the outside, this van certainly seems like a nice, roomy place in which to relax.

Hyundai Staria side profile silhouette

The interior makes good on that visual promise. The cockpit features Tesla vibes, with a single center screen that appears to handle both gauge cluster and infotainment duties. Row two conveys something very different. Two lounge chairs with footrests and small pillows in the headrests would imply that the best seat in the house is actually that of the chauffeured, not the chauffeur.

Hyundai Staria interior front row

Hyundai notes that the Staria seen here is a more premium version, meaning there’s probably another trim in the works without two La-Z-Boys amidships. Hyundai is probably tailoring the Staria for business transportation—at least, in this specification. Will a less plush but equally roomy version arrive to suit the needs of families? We can only hope.

Hyundai Staria second row

Hyundai’s keeping mum on powertrain, but we expect the Staria to ride on the brand’s E-GMP architecture. We don’t know where the Staria will be sold, either, only that it will be “available in select markets.” That’s certainly not a green light for the U.S., but we’d welcome another minivan to our shores—especially one that looks this cool. Pretty please, Hyundai?

Hyundai Staria rear three quarter
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