So that’s how to mount a front plate on the upcoming BMW 4 Series

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With all evidence suggesting that future BMWs will inevitably arrive with the massive grille introduced with the 7 Series facelift and the X7, an image popped up on Twitter revealing what appears to be the front of the much-awaited 4 Series. Coming to you from Belgium, this leak also confirms where customers are supposed to mount their standard European license plates: right in the middle, breaking those huge twin intakes in half.

Of course, once BMW revealed its i4 EV concept and revamped logo (which won’t appear on any actual cars), it became fairly clear where the standard 4 Series would be heading. On the plus side, regardless of how you feel about this facia, this much real estate means engine and brake cooling shouldn’t be a problem, regardless of whether we’re talking about a 530-horsepower electric powertrain or the next M3/M4 pair packing over 500 of forced-induction horses.

In the past, BMW has indicated that this styling trend toward gigantic grilles is the result of demands from Chinese customers for more demonstrative design evolution between generations. The BMW Group’s design director remains Adrian van Hooydonk.

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