GTO Engineering renderings peel back curtain on quad-cam Project Moderna

GTO Engineering

Three months after U.K.-based GTO Engineering revealed plans for a new modern-era GTO sports car—code-named Project Moderna (a play on modern and Modena)—the British automotive firm is showing more of the machine behind the curtain. Newly released renders go far beyond the original exterior sketches, and a preliminary view of the engine indicates that the car’s quad-cam V-12 engine is close to being finalized.

After designs are finally set, the powerplant will be built in-house. Modeling for the car’s exterior is also about to begin.

Project Moderna design render engine
GTO Engineering

Drawings of the body shell maintain a mix of the modern and period features seen in the initial sketches of the Moderna, which is not a replica but a new design that is “a celebration of the best of ’60s motoring.” With that said, it is clearly influenced by the look of the Ferrari 250, with perhaps a touch of Zagato in its double-bubble roof.

The Moderna is built on a conventional tubular steel chassis, with aluminum subframes, independent suspension, and disc brakes at all four corners. The car’s shell will be made from carbon fiber to save weight, which is a first for GTO. The doors and hood will be aluminum. All in, the Moderna will weigh a lightweight 2200 pounds.

“After the exceptional reception from interested owners and fans … we’re now making it happen and publicly documenting the development process,” says GTO Engineering founder Mark Lyon, whose company also makes restoration parts for classic Ferraris. “For our team, the engine and the aesthetics are two of the most important parts of any car—especially this one—which is why we were keen to start here.”

GTO Engineering is also now officially accepting orders, bringing Project Moderna one step closer to reality. We can’t wait to see it in the metal.

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