Ford will sell 350 additional copies of the GT

Did you miss your chance to purchase the new Ford GT? Maybe you didn’t quite have the money saved up, but the last two years have gone really well. Or maybe you didn’t make the cut for the initial 1000-unit allocation. Whatever the case, if you have an extra half-million dollars available and really, really want the 647-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 supercar, then November 8 is a big day. That’s when Ford will re-open the application process for 30 days and assign 350 more production slots to new customers. Ford is also adding two model years to the production run, extending the GT’s lifetime out to 2022.

Production of the current GT is behind pace for the original four-year run; Ford has completed 300 to 400 units to date. Ford Performance Director Hermann Salenbach says that early production was slow due to a focus on quality and that Multimatic, the Canadian speciality engineering company assembling the car, has been at a steady rate of one car per day in recent months. At that pace, the math checks out to finish the new total of 1350 units four years from now.

As in the past, new GT owners will be contractually prohibited from selling the car for two years from the date of purchase. The idea here is to limit speculators buying cars and flipping them. As a result, very few GTs have gone up for public sale so far. Professional Wrestler John Cena is the most famous case of an attempted early sale. The car eventually sold for $1.5 million at Russo and Steele’s Monterey auction this year, but not before a lawsuit that was later settled with all of the proceeds of the sale going to charity.

The starting price for the 2019 Ford GT will rise slightly—base price comes in at just below $500,000. Ford has not announced the specific price yet, or if optional equipment figures will change. The 2018 model started at $478,750.

To submit your own application for Ford GT ownership, go to beginning November 8.

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