Ford engineer builds a brilliant Lego Bronco

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Lego 2021 Bronco
Peter Blackert

If you can’t wait for the on-sale date of the 2021 Ford Bronco to buy the real thing, a Lego-obsessed Ford engineer has you covered with the next best option. Peter Blackert, a 15-year Ford veteran, has posted dozens of his digital Lego creations on his Instagram account, including both two- and four-door versions of the 2021 Ford Bronco. Just like the real things, they’ve got removable hard-tops and removable doors.

OK, technically all Lego cars have removable tops and doors—but you get the idea. It’s a tiny Lego Bronco and it looks amazing.

2021 Bronco 4-door Lego
Peter Blackert

Lego has offered a wide variety of sets that allow car lovers to build pixelated, palm-sized versions of their favorite rides. Of course, the beauty of Lego is that builders aren’t constrained by sets; the bricks allow scores of enthusiasts to make their own detailed creations, even if they don’t have any physical bricks at their disposal. Lego Digital Designer software gives builders access to the whole Lego brick catalog so that they can build 3D models on a computer and share their creations, and it looks like Blackert has done just that.

Blackert’s creations aren’t limited to Ford models or even to four-wheeled vehicles. His catalog includes European classics, modern exotics, and blocky versions of those vehicles’ powerplants—not to mention an impressively rendered SR-71. Take a look at the GMC 4×4 truck from The Fall Guy TV show that he posted to If you like it, you can find a full parts list and can even buy and print PDF assembly instructions.

Fall Guy Lego truck
Peter Blackert

Some fans and companies have created full-size brick versions of cars, but Lego creations typically appear on a much smaller scale, and most of Blackert’s builds are in the 400- to 900-piece range. Many fit into the same scale as other Lego series, such as the Speed Champions line, based on cars that are eight studs wide.

While he hasn’t yet uploaded the parts list or assembly directions for the Bronco, we’d bet that the demand for this kit will spur Blackert to make it happen. If you give it a try, be sure to post a picture on the Hagerty Community!

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