Sneaky shot of Fast and Furious 9 set reveals 2020 Supras

It’s a BMW, it’s a Toyota, it’s a toucan… whatever your gripe with the newest Toyota Supra may be, we’ve just caught sight of three 2020 models on the set of Fast and Furious 9. 

Clad in orange and black, these three look more ready for Halloween than the spring release date for the ninth installment in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Matte is the new glitz for the Fast and Furious Supra star, although the orange recalls the unforgettable twin-turbo 1994 model resurrected and driven to glory by Paul Walker’s character. It’s impossible not to gaze out the window with some nostalgia for the tin-foil, 2000s aesthetic that the earlier movies flaunted so shamelessly—and successfully.

The Supra name, like the Fast and Furious title, refuses to die, and we’ve noted before the life extension the Fast and Furious name has bequeathed upon several of its star cars. The Fast and Furious Effect is officially a Thing, our researcher decided. 

Whether or not you’re bored of obnoxious, ostentatious metal and dramatic explosions—and we certainly aren’t—you can’t ignore the fame that Universal Pictures is determined to stroke from the Fast and Furious name. Toyota still wants its piece of the cake, and with the controversy clouding the return of the Supra name, the latest reincarnation might well need a blood sugar spike of publicity.

Will the Fast and Furious Effect leave the 2020 Supra at the starting line? Will it light the fires of tuners everywhere, spawning crazy mods? We’ll soon see. 

Make your voice heard, here and across the internet. What cars do you want to see in the newest Fast and Furious?

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