Electrified Corvette is the fastest street legal all-electric supercar

This record-setting Corvette C7 shifts, lays rubber, and hauls some serious horsepower. Hold on to your hats, though, because it doesn’t have a small-block… or a big-block, for that matter. Five battery packs propel the Genovation GXE, which just broke its own world record for the fastest street-legal all-electric supercar at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

Air density might not phase this C7-bodied, battery-powered missile; but not even a zero-emissions speed run is immune to rain. Or to crosswinds, as Genovation pointed out when it announced the record-setting run on Youtube.

The new record, which broke Genovation’s 2016 record, was certified by the International Mile Racing Association (IMRA). Johnny Bohmer can now rack up another official speed record, in addition to this uncertified, eye-watering run in a self-proclaimed “Badd” Ford GT. 

“During testing, we broke our speed record that was set in 2016. This a testament to Genovation’s continuous improvement philosophy that guides everything we do to enhance the capabilities of the GXE,” said Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation Cars, Inc. “It’s gratifying for the Genovation Team to see the results of the thousands of hours that were spent refining and testing the car to achieve this world record.”

The bit in the video about “more record breaking to come” may be due to the fact that while the Genovation GXE did break its own record, the 210-mph mark is actually 10 mph short of the GXE’s claimed top speed of 220 mph.

Based on a Corvette Grand Sport, the GXE is powered by two electric motors that produce a combined 800 horsepower at the wheels, along with 700 lb-ft of torque. Genovation says that it has developed its electric drivetrain using technology from Formula 1’s kinetic energy recovery systems. All that power and torque is supposed to be good for a claimed 0–60 mph time of under three seconds. The five battery packs located around the car have a total capacity of 61.6 kWh, giving the electric sports car a claimed range of more than 175 miles. 

Genovation eschewed General Motors’ trick adjustable magnetorheological dampers in favor of a track-ready programmable active suspension from a third party. Genovation has also given the prototype carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes, composite wheels from Carbon Revolution, and a bespoke interior with just about every surface covered with Alcantara. 

Unusual for an EV, the Genovation GXE prototype has a conventional 7-speed manual transmission with a clutch. When production starts on the 75  cars planned to be built, customers will also be able to order it with GM’s eight-speed automatic—if the $750,000 base price fits their budgets.

Deliveries are planned to begin early next year.

It should be pointed out that the Genovation GXE is still a prototype—a production prototype, according to the Maryland-based company. The street-legal, production-spec status of the prototype differentiates the GXE from the Rimac C_Two, which blows away the GXE on paper; the C_Two car is still in the process of achieving street-legal status via homologation.

The Croation EV maker’s Concept One was a limited production car, available for sale. The Concept One’s successor, the C_Two, is currently undergoing testing and development and all 30 of the C_Twos that are planned are already sold out. Back in 2012, Mate Rimac’s electrified E30 BMW M3 set five acceleration records for electric cars, so it’s possible his firm will take up the challenge from Genovation with its own top speed attempt.

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