Think you can drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Applications are open


There are lots of eye-catching classics out there, but only one is instantly recognizable by all ages—the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

The giant rolling hot dog of today traces its roots to 1936, when Carl Mayer (nephew of founder Oscar Mayer) built a custom vehicle to promote the brand’s pre-packaged meats. The Weinermobile toured the country for many years, with the exception of the years during World War II due to fuel rations.

If you grew up with a toy hot dog car and always imagined piloting such a gigantic frankfurter, it’s your lucky day. Oscar Mayer just opened the job to be a “hotdogger,” or driver of the famous Wienermobile. The listing is loaded with food puns—a suggestion that you probably need a generous sense of humor for this gig. The ideal candidate is a person who can perform as their “own travelling public relations firm.”

Interestingly, Oscar Mayer seems to have dropped the previous requirement that limited applicants to recent college graduates. Looks like the rest of us finally have a chance to live out our wiener-shaped driving dreams. To take a page out of Oscar Mayer’s book, we suggest that if your application cuts the mustard and you get the job, be sure to relish the opportunity that begins in June and lasts an entire year.  Applications must be submitted by January 31.

Become a Wienermobile driver
Oscar Mayer
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