Design guru Frank Stephenson rips into Tesla Cybertruck

Phillip Thomas

McLaren P1 designer Frank Stephenson has described Tesla’s Cybertruck as “almost repulsive” in a new video in which he systematically picks apart the cold, angular design.

Stephenson, who also penned the Maserati MC12 and Ferrari F430, knows a thing or two about good looking vehicles and says that he was so taken aback by the Cybertruck that it has taken him a year to come to terms with it.

He believes that the Cybertruck may look futuristic right now but will soon become dated. Comparing it to the pixelated graphics of cars in the first Sony Playstation games, Stephenson describes Musk’s monster truck as “a low poly rendering.”

He then goes on to show how, by embracing nature and not obstinately ignoring great design of the past , that it “has the potential to be extremely beautiful.”

He cites Citroën’s 1980 Karin concept car as a prime example of how the pyramidal structure can become softer, and he praises the 2020 Buick Electra concept car for taking a similar shape while allowing it to be subtly sculpted by the wind.

Watch the whole of Stephenson’s review below and, as he quips, “let a wise old man teach you a lesson.”

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