Delage is back from the dead to join the hypercar fray

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Delage D12-3

France’s Delage, dead for nearly 70 years, is coming back from the grave in the form of this 1085-hp D12 hypercar.

The D12 mostly follows a standard formula, with a carbon-fiber tub and body, a massive internal combustion engine, and an electric motor thrown in to appease the emissions police. In Delage’s case the engine is a 7.6-liter V-12 delivering drive through an eight-speed manual—yes, manual—transmission. Top speed is a claimed 233 mph while 0-62 mph is said to take just 2.8 seconds.

Delage D12-6

In designing the D12 Delage has dispatched with any nostalgic nods to its days of Grand Prix racing and Grand Tourers. Instead the car appears to be part Batmobile and part HotWheels, with a tandem two-seater setup and a forward-hinged canopy for the cockpit.

The D12 will be the first car to wear a Delage badge since the company closed in 1953, having begun life as a race car maker back in 1905. The rebirth of the brand came in 2019 when it was also announced that former Formula 1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve would be a development driver.

Should you wish to indulge in a Delage you will need to find $2.3 million and be quick as just 30 D12s will be made.

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