You can now deck out any 992-gen 911 with racy aero and a fixed wing

SportDesign aerokit 911 rear three-quarter Porsche

Perhaps you’re speccing out your dream 911 and you need just a bit more pizazz from your Stuttgart-born, rear-engine machine. Body-color wheels are an $1290 option, true, but matching Miami Blue wheels are, ahem, garish. You need something slick and race-inspired—preferably a wing package that rings in for less than the $60,000 premium you’ll pay for the 911 Turbo’s standard spoiler.

Fret no more. Porsche now offers an optional $4890 SportDesign package on all 922-gen 911s, which bumps the license plate up to the middle third of the car’s rear (GT3-style) to accomodate more air vents and intakes. (As we know, more intakes translates directly to an increased cool factor.) Porsche also swapped in a dark lower-rear fascia framed by body-color L-shaped components that look rather smart. To complement this rear-end visual tuck, Porsche added some “distinctive” body-color strakes to the front fascia, which is also trimmed with an additional splitter (warning: this “reduces approach angles”). You can order both the front and rear fascia tweaks together via the SportDesign package ($4890), add on some side skirts for $1290 extra, or spec the slick front fascia by itself for $3240.

Should you wish to check all the awesome aero add-on boxes at once, Porsche’s made it easy. The new $6910 AeroKit, offered on all hardtop 992s, automatically bolts on both adjusted front and rear fascias, plus a trunk-mounted fixed rear lip spoiler integrated into an (extremely excellent) fixed rear wing. Discerning customers will also spec the SportDesign side skirts to visually anchor the whole thing, because, for some reason, those aren’t included. Oh, and you can’t order stripes with an AeroKit. Wouldn’t want to disrupt the visual integrity of the package.

SportDesign aerokit rear in wind tunnel test
SportDesign aerokit clay model carving

Mini-me GT3 looks aside, Porsche’s put this new aero and fancy rear wing through the wringer. AeroKit-equipped 911s spent 55,000 total kilometers whipping around the recently-resurfaced Nardo ring to fulfill high-speed testing requirements and racked up 90,000 additional kilometers on regular roads. Naturally, many hours were also spent fine-tuning in the wind-tunnel. We’re interested to see how this new spoiler/wing combination influences the Carrera’s driving dynamics—there’s no doubt it looks killer, but it has an important job to do, as well.

You can either color-coordinate your SportDesign package or AeroKit to your chosen 911 body color or get a two-level effect with black high-gloss. Which would be your choice—or, would you keep the classic 911 silhouette and ditch the new aero? If we’re choosing a classic 911 silhouette, then frankly, nothing but a classic 911 will do. If I’m springing for the 21st-century flavor, heck, I’ll go all in. Pile on the spoilers.

SportDesign side skirts on 911 side-view
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