You can get a custom 2020 Corvette VIN—for a price


The new mid-engine  2020 Chevrolet Corvette will come with a very broad range of customization options. For example, there are six different wheels you can spec, four different brake caliper options, multiple carbon fiber bits, and even an engine appearance package.

For the ultimate in personalization, however, when you place an order for a new C8, if you act quickly enough, and if General Motors hasn’t already reserved it for its own use, you can specify your own bespoke Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), or at least its last five digits. That’s according to the Corvette Order Guide that Corvette Blogger has leaked.

Perhaps you can use those five numerals to recognize an anniversary or some other significant date, or maybe you can get clever like something that spells out a word if you look at it upside down. Don’t get too clever, though, as the number you choose is subject to GM approval. To avoid “the Corvette from Hell” my guess is that a VIN ending in 666 is probably off limits. Oh, and it costs $5000, as CarsDirect confirmed with a GM spokesperson.

No matter your preference, while the possibilities aren’t quite endless, five digits can be anything from 00001 (which Chevy has undoubtedly reserved for corporate use) to 99,999. The largest number of Corvettes ever produced in a year has been 53,807 (in 1979), so you should be able to find your choice of something meaningful to you or your significant others.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
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