Chevy slashes price for refreshed 2022 Bolt, adds EUV crossover


Chevrolet just rolled out a refreshed Bolt EV, together with an all-new crossover sibling known as the Bolt EUV, boasting fresher styling and a much more palatable starting price.

Though the 259-mile, 200-hp electric drivetrain carries over from the 2021 model, the 2022 Bolt EV gets a revamped front end, rear end, and interior, plus more comprehensive infotainment featured and—on top-tier EUV models only—Super Cruise. Most important, however, the 2022 model starts at $31,995; the ’21 model currently on the market costs $37,495 (both prices include destination but do not include any state or federal tax credits.) The crossover-ified Bolt EUV (below, left) starts at $33,995 with destination.

The Bolt aged completely out of the federal EV credit system as of March 31, 2020. Along with Tesla, GM is officially past the volume threshold of the government incentive program since it cleared 200,000 EVs produced. GM’s graduation from the credit program provided under the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) likely spurred the substantial price drops for this pair of revamped Bolts. This new bill, introduced in the House of Representatives via Mike Thompson (D-CA), outlines a far more robust incentive system—offering federal credits to manufacturers up to 600,000 EVs produced, for example—but is, at this writing, very far from President Biden’s desk.

The styling of the 2022 Bolt EV represents a much-needed upgrade from the frumpier 2021 model. Neither the Bolt EV nor its EUV sibling looks pulse-raising, but the flattened front end without a traditional grille is a relatively straightforward way of visually distinguishing these all-electric runabouts from Chevy’s tradition internal-combustion vehicles.

Despite their strong family resemblance, the EV and the EUV do not share any body panels. The latter rides on an extended version of the Bolt EV’s architecture: its wheelbase is 2.9 inches longer and overall length measures 6.3 inches longer. Surprisingly, the two vehicles’ widths and heights are right on top of one another. Beyond rear-passenger legroom, a metric in which the EUV trumps the hatchback by 3.1 inches, there doesn’t appear to be an overwhelming reason, space-wise, to go the SUV route.

Emissions-free cruising comes courtesy of the familiar single electric motor mounted on the front axle, which draws power from a 650-kW lithium-ion battery pack. Total range is 259 miles for the Bolt EV and 250 for its higher-riding sibling. Power sits at 200 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. New for the 2022 models is a one-pedal driving feature, which lets you decelerate to a complete stop, if need be, upon releasing the accelerator pedal.

The refreshed Bolt’s interior is less fussy than its predecessor’s, sticking with the tried-and-true screen-forward aesthetic that dominates most new cars today. The 10.2-inch central instrument cluster carries over, housed in an uncluttered dash dominated by horizontal lines and neutral shades. New for 2022’s infotainment is a suite of available apps, including Spotify, Weather Channel, and Alexa. We imagine the third will be the most compelling to Chevy customers, though we can’t yet vouch for how well-integrated Amazon’s virtual assistant will be.

Gone is the console-mounted shifter, and there’s an Acura-style row of pull toggles and buttons to free up space. An 8-inch digital gauge cluster sits behind the steering wheel, which is flat-bottomed apparently only because it looks cool.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV super cruise

The jazziest feature is restricted to the EUV—specifically to Launch Edition and Premier trims. Super Cruise, GM’s semi-autonomous driver-assist tech, uses a bevy of sensors plus preloaded LiDAR map data to keep the car centered in its lane and motoring quietly along while the driver takers their hands off the wheel. An ever-watchful camera and a suite of infrared sensors can sense if said driver takes their eyes off the road.

Super Cruise can cart you around on 200,000+ miles of pre-scanned roads in the U.S. and Canada. The Bolt EUV, in designated trim levels, is the first Chevrolet to boast the system. The system works especially well on the highway, but it’s not set up for widespread use on city streets or neighborhoods.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV rolling

Chevy hasn’t yet announced pricing for the Premier, but if you’re champing at the bit for a Super Cruise-enabled Bolt, you can reserve a limited-production EUV Launch Edition for $43,495 right now. More budget-friendly Bolts (and Bolt EUVs) will hit dealer lots this summer.

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