Celebrate 1.75M Corvettes built with the National Corvette Museum’s C8 raffle

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Gambling can be fun when it’s for a good cause and the jackpot is a 2020 Chevy Corvette with the beloved Z51 performance package. For those who are tempted, the National Corvette Museum (NCM) is celebrating its 26th anniversary by raffling away the 1.75-millionth Corvette on Friday, September 4 at 3:00 PM, CT. There are 1500 slots at $200 apiece, and the proceeds will go toward the non-profit museum.


“The Museum has been raffling Corvettes for over 20 years, welcoming new enthusiasts to the family in the process,” said Dr. Sean Preston, President and CEO of the National Corvette Museum. “We are appreciative of those who support our raffle program through ticket purchases as it is one of the primary fundraisers for the Museum.”

Dressed in Arctic White with the interior draped in Adrenaline Red leather, the special C8 was chosen by NCM to commemorate the very first Corvette to have ever rolled off the assembly line back in 1953. The Polo White roadster was similarly complemented with a red interior, as was its 1-millionth (1992 model) and 1.5-millionth (2009 model) compatriots.

The 1-millionth Corvette, this drop-top 1992 C4, was nearly lost to the infamous sinkhole that claimed eight Corvettes beneath the museum. Chevrolet

“We are appreciative of Chevrolet for aligning the production of one of our Corvette raffle cars so that it would become this milestone in production,” Dr. Preston mentioned. “It’s exciting that in just 11 years Bowling Green Assembly has produced 250,000 Corvettes. No other sports car can claim that kind of production volume or enthusiast following.”

Winners of the C8 will be treated to the full monty, too. Among the options on the 1.75-millionth are the R8C NCM delivery and red carpet experience, which will introduce the C8 to its new owner while on display at the museum, with a guided factory tour of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

The 1.5-millionth Corvette also suffered a similar fate in the sinkhole. While the 1-millionth was able to be restored, this C6 rests in its sunken state at the museum. Chevrolet

Beyond the R8C tour, the 1.75-millionth Corvette will also bring in the aforementioned Z51 performance upgrades and 3LT interior package with its deeply bolstered GT2 buckets and color-matched leather and stitching. Z51 introduces several key upgrades, larger rotors for more thermal mass, wider and stickier Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires to take advantage of that newfound braking power while giving the new mid-engine C8 cat-on-carpet traction, along with GM’s MagneRide FE4 suspension at all four corners in order to handle the cornering forces generated by the hopped-up Vette. Carbon trim can be found in the aero package and side vents, while silver “Five Trident” wheels pull the whole look together with the Arctic White exterior.


Even with an entry price of $200 per raffle ticket, it’s a stinking deal when a C8 with the features that NCM has chosen for this car rings in at around $85,000. Last year, VIN # 1 of the C8 generation was sold at a charity auction hosted by Barrett-Jackson, which skyrocketed the bidding to $3,000,000 in exchange for a unique C8 which benefitted the Detroit Children’s Fund with its sale.

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