Blue Dot Taillight Bill Approved by Mississippi Legislature

Blue Dot Taillight Bill Approved by Mississippi Legislature

The Specialty Equipment and Market Association (SEMA) sent the Hagerty Protection Network the following Legislative Alert this afternoon to share with our customers and agents immediately. If you have any questions regarding this alert, please call or email Rory Carroll, Hagerty Collector Network Legislative Director at 877-922-9701, x8787 / or Steve McDonald, SEMA Vice-President of Government affairs at

Urgent Legislative Alert

A bill (H.B. 489) that would allow antique vehicles and street rods to display a blue, violet or purple light as part of the vehicle’s rear stop lamps has been passed by the Mississippi State House of Representatives. The bill will next be considered by the Mississippi Senate Highways and Transportation Committee.

  • Mississippi defines antique motor vehicles as those manufactured more than 25-years ago and street rods as modified vehicles produced by an American manufacturer in 1948 or earlier and used as a safe, nonracing vehicle.
  • H.B. 489 recognizes that blue dot taillights have no detrimentalimpactonsafety.
  • H.B. 489 enables enthusiasts to modify their vehicles to recall in fine detail the glory days of the hot rod era in America.
  • H.B. 489 follows in the tradition of similar laws enacted in other states, including recently in Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Rhode Island and Montana.

If you are experiencing any difficulty in contacting your legislators, please contact Rory Carroll, Hagerty Collector Network Legislative Resource Director, at or 877-922-9701, x8407.

Please e-mail a copy of your letters to us at Advocacy@hagerty.comor fax: 231-932-6887.

Thank you for your commitment to the future of collector cars and the hobby.

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