Audi used a didgeridoo to “tune” its new e-tron GT

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Audi’s upcoming electric e-tron GT is to offer “a quantum leap in sound design for vehicles.” The Vorsprung durch Technik pioneers channeled 32 different audio tracks to create the interior and exterior sound for the Taycan and Tesla rival. Among the sound samples used were a model helicopter and even a didgeridoo.

Electric cars are legally required to make an external noise so other road users can hear them coming, but Audi also stresses the importance of an emotive soundtrack to the driver. The e-tron GT will come with an optional interior sound package that Audi painstakingly developed to provide an audio feedback system which responds to the driver’s right foot. Two interior speakers driven by two control units deliver a sound that is continuously remixed to react to driving conditions. You can sample the sounds of the new e-tron GT in the video below.

In other news Audi confirmed that the striking four-door coupe is to be built on the same production line as the R8 supercar. Using a similar blend of aluminum and high-tensile steel in its construction, the GT will be 85 percent built by 34 robots, with humans providing the finishing touches, including a 25-mile test drive on public roads when each car is complete.

The first Audi e-tron GTs will roll off the line before the end of 2020 with sales beginning in early 2021. The price is expected to be around $75,000, undercutting the Taycan and Tesla Model S.


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