The Aston Martin Valkyrie makes 1160 hp from its hybrid V-12


Aston Martin finally revealed power specifications for its upcoming Valkyrie mild-hybrid hypercar, totaling 1160 hp at 10,500 rpm and 664 lb-ft at 6000 rpm. With insane output like that, how could a gas-electric hybrid with a 160-hp, 205 lb-ft electric motor be described as a mild hybrid? After all, 160 horsepower is more power than my Honda Fit produces, but when that electric motor is assisting a 1000-hp 6.5-liter V-12, the technical moniker somehow doesn’t encapsulate how ridiculous this machine will be.

The Formula 1 KERS-style, electron-powered thrust was developed by Rimac and Integral Powertrain Ltd., with Rimac supplying the battery system and Integral Powertrain Ltd. making the purpose-built electric motor. The combustion engine is also supplied by a vendor—Cosworth, which designed the 65-degree V-12 specifically for the Valkyrie.

Surprisingly, Cosworth got to the 1000-hp benchmark without having to resort to forced induction. The naturally-aspirated beast spins up to more than 11,000 rpm, a remarkable figure for an engine with 6.5 liters of displacement. Aston Martin says this is the first emissions-compliant, naturally-aspirated engine to reach the 1000-hp mark.

With a racing-derived hybrid powertrain and a Cosworth engine, it’s not surprising that the Valkyrie will employ other bits of racing tech. The V-12 engine and gearbox will be fully-stressed parts of the chassis, where the rear suspension mounts on the transmission, eliminating the need (and weight) of a rear subframe.

Aston Martin says it has started fabrication of the first Valkyrie prototypes. The new vehicle is the collaboration between Aston Martin’s Lagonda division and Red Bull Advanced Technologies—the commercial technology and engineering services division of Red Bull Racing—which operates one of the two Red Bull sponsored Formula 1 teams.

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