The Aston Martin DB4 Zagato Continuation deserves track action


To show off what its classics team can create in roughly 4500 hours—and to satisfy top-tier customers—Aston Martin builds outrageously expensive continuation cars.

You could argue that the 19 original DB4 Zagatos (plus the four built in the 1980s and the two finished in the 1990s) have unique character and in many cases decent racing pedigrees. However, the new-old continuation cars were built to a higher standard and almost surely drive better. That’s thanks to their upgraded suspensions, more powerful engines, and in the case of the DB4 Zagatos, FIA-spec roll cages and carbon-fiber bucket seats.

Now, with 390 horsepower and 360 lb-ft on tap from a bored and stroked 4.7-liter straight six, the rest is up to Aston Martin’s customers. Aluminum that’s under 1.2-mm at its thickest is easy to bend for sure, but in case you need color-matching after a good day at the track, the shade to look out for is Lancia’s Rosso Maja. Lucky devil Henry Catchpole has more on the subject:

Still not eligible for Goodwood, the continuation cars can always just hit other tracks, where they will prove what an amazing job Marek Reichman’s design team has done combining all the best elements of period DB4 Zagatos for this ultimate 2019 edition. Not to mention everybody working under Paul Spires’ guidance at Aston Martin Works.

Seeing such a beautiful machin in action is a real treat, whether it’s a true original or not.

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