Aston Martin Brough Superior superbike is race track ready

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The limited-edition, track-only collaboration between Aston Martin and Brough Superior is now undergoing final testing.

Just 100 AMB 001 superbikes will be delivered to lucky owners at the only-Jay-Leno-can-afford-it price of $122,000. Then again, this is no ordinary motorcycle. As befits a partnership between two legends the AMB 001 is a wildly-powerful, state-of-the-art machine.

Powered by a 180-hp 997-cc V-twin with a variable geometry turbo to eliminate lag, the AMB 001 uses exotic materials such as titanium and carbon fiber for its chassis and Inconel for its exhaust. The aerodynamic body is carbon and details include a leather seat handcrafted in the same way as Aston Martin interiors.

The 100 fortunate buyers will definitely be getting something special to add to their garages, but will any be brave enough to actually ride it?


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