Are these wild truck sketches the future of GM Design?

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The GM Design Instagram account is definitely worth a follow. The account posts historic photos of the GM Design team at work, vintage concepts and sketches, and visionary takes on future products.

Two recent sketches show wild renderings of Cadillac and GMC trucks. The Cadillac has a shield-shaped grille along with vertical headlights that seem to be a nod to the 2021 Escalade. It also has a roof rack, sizable fender flares, and impressive ground clearance. One Instagram commenter wondered if this might be a look at a future electric vehicle that shares the GMC Hummer EV’s platform. The overall look is bold and it seems that the lower valence is ready to accept tow hooks. Is that a skid plate we spy?

Based on the comments it received, the Denali sketch is totally polarizing. People love it or hate it, and the cartoonish proportions seem to be distracting people from the most interesting ideas that the sketch puts forward. While the Cadillac started with a clean-sheet design, this rendering is clearly rooted in a production Sierra Denali 3500 HD. The shape of the greenhouse, the side mirrors, and the wheel openings are all grounded in reality. However, the scale of everything has been highly exaggerated to draw focus to the grille, which is what really sets this truck apart from the current Denali offerings. The grille treatment, “Denali” badge placement, and triple-bar headlights form the nucleus of this rendering. It’s oversized and outrageously brash, yet at its core not so unrealistic.

Remember, just like a fashion show, design sketches are not necessarily a snapshot of an intended future product. These stylized versions are just a stepping stone to a final vehicle and are often even more removed from reality than an ambitious concept vehicle built in three dimensions. Ease up, enjoy the artistry, and imagine how these elements may look if and when they make their way into a production vehicle.

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