An Aston Martin DB5 for Jane and James Bond juniors

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin has downsized the DB5, but you won’t find it in Toys’R’Us. Gaydon’s latest model is a $46,000 two-thirds scale edition of the most famous car in the world.

Developed by The Little Car Company (makers of the Bugatti Baby II) the diminutive DB5 is an accurate replica of the real thing, right down to fully functional Smiths instruments. The body of a 1963 DB5 was scanned, shrunk, and reproduced in composite materials. The chassis is an aluminum construction and features double wishbone front suspension and a live rear axle. Ten-inch wire wheels with center-lock hubs and all-wheel disc brakes are also fitted.

Aston Martin

The DB5 Junior is powered by a 7-hp electric motor driving the rear wheels and can be driven for up to 20 miles on a charge. Three driving modes are available: Novice limits the power to just 1.5 hp and restricts the top speed to 12 mph, Expert releases all the electricity for a 30 mph top end, and in Race mode the car is configured to match the performance of other Little Car Company models for fair competition.

The $60,000 Vantage version produces 14 hp, adds a limited slip differential, a carbon-fiber body and boosts range to a maximum of 40 miles.

Whichever model is chosen there is a wide range of paint hues and accessories to personalize the DB5 Junior. Buyers will be enrolled in the Aston Martin Owners Club and The Little Car Club which will lay on track days and races for boys and girls to test their driving skills.

Parents may well need a stiff drink after paying for the privilege of getting junior behind the wheel of an DB5, but handily Aston Martin can now provide that as well in the form of its own scotch.

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