All Polestar 2 EVs recalled for power loss software glitch

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Polestar 2 front three-quarter
Eric Weiner

Polestar has been busy rolling out initial deliveries of its first mainstream all-electric vehicle, the Polestar 2. Ahead of shipments to customers in North America, Polestar has been fulfilling orders to customers in China and Europe, but all of those vehicles are now being recalled. A software glitch in the battery control module is responsible for three vehicles losing power and being forced to a stop.

The issue affects 2189 vehicles, all in China and Europe. Polestar spokesman J.P. Canton confirmed that customers are being instructed to bring their Polestar 2 to a registered service center for a quick software update that will rectify the issue. Over-the-air software updates are in the works for the Polestar 2, but for the time being the Volvo and Geely subsidiary is opting for an in-person service “to ensure no hiccups.”

Polestar 2 front interior
Polestar/Michael Simari

Automotive News Europe reports that the recommended course of action in the short-term for customers, which doesn’t fix the issue, is “to exit the car, lock it and wait 10 minutes, then re-enter and re-start the car.” So, turn it off and turn it back on again? If it works for your iPhone …

On its own, the Polestar 2 is a little unfamiliar to operate in that there isn’t a ignition button in the first place. When you enter the car, it senses the key and weight in the driver’s seat. From there, you just put the gear selector in drive and hum off to your destination. Similarly, when you get out of the car all you need to do is put it in park, exit the vehicle, and lock it. With all that said, shutting off while driving is most certainly not the expected behavior.

Polestar announced back in April that it was aiming to deliver initial U.S. orders by the end of summer, but the leaves are a-changin’ out there, which means customers are probably wondering where their cars are. According to Polestar, the answer to that question will arrive “very soon.”

Polestar 2 rear three-quarter close dynamic road action
Polestar/Michael Simari
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