Never Stop Driving #8: Post Holiday Special: Hagerty Long Reads

I hope you all had a relaxing July fourth holiday. I’m on break this whole week, hanging with my family and teaching my niece and nephew how to drive and change wiper blades. Perhaps you too are relaxing somewhere with time to sit back and enjoy a good read. I am here to help with a list of some of my favorite pieces that we’ve published over the years.

Let me start with our book on the joy of cars, Never Stop Driving. We just added an audio version so you can listen from behind the wheel.

I’ve always loved the writing of John Phillips and I guarantee you will enjoy his retelling of the jungle rally called the Camel Trophy.

The heart of the car is, of course, the engine. We understand why at any car show there will be cars parked with the hood propped up—we love the mechanicals!— so we started a series on engine history. If that sounds incredible geeky, it most certainly is. One of my favorites is Aaron Robinson’s history of the Lamborghini V-12.

Since we focus on cars from the past, we often indulge in “what if” fantasies. Automotive executive Chris Theodore recently shared his experience developing a turbo DeLorean. Could that model have saved the company?

You’ve probably heard of the Bullitt Mustang, the 1968 Ford Steve McQueen drove in the movie of the same name. It was hidden for years, until we uncovered it with this story. Full disclosure: I reported, researched, and wrote this piece and loved every minute of the work. I am, therefore, just a little biased in this recommendation. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think.

While I am tooting my own horn, the video I did on the Corvair just passed one million YouTube views.

If you want to know how to steal a 914, we have the answer. That piece was an unexpected reader favorite.

All of these and many, many, more are on our website. Please have a look and sign up for our newsletters. Before I sign off, I’ll leave you with one last bit of road-trip inspiration: A love letter to the Jaguar E Type and the Blue Ridge Parkway by Sam Smith.

Catch you next week!

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