Play Hoonigan with Ken Block’s WRX STI, listed for sale

Keiron Berndt

Ask rally enthusiasts to name a few of the iconic rally cars of the years and you will likely hear a handful of makes and models. The Lancia Stratos. The Ford Escort. The Audi Quattro. These three top the list of rally greats for many older enthusiasts, but ask the younger crowd, and the Subaru WRX will spring to the forefront of their minds.

Ken Block WRX STI for sale rear three quarter
Keiron Berndt

Two big names are associated with the WRX—and, yet again, the associations run along generational lines. Colin McRae might have been first and fastest, but when Ken Block entered the scene sideways through the door of an aircraft hanger, the Subie’s reputation was forever changed. Subarus no longer had to be World Rally Blue with gold wheels to be considered cool. Case in point? This black 2002 WRX, owned and raced by Ken Block, now for sale on Wall Street Motorsports.

To be clear, this is not the WRX from the early Gymkhana videos. It actually hails from Block’s early racing career, and earned him his first national-level win at the 2006 100-acre Wood Rally. It is a race car through and through, which means that, 15 years later, probably only a few parts of the car that won that rally are still attached to this car. Of course, included with the sale of this rally beast are log books that confirm those nitty-gritty details. Eagle-eyed enthusiasts will notice the front-end update that removed the “blobeye” bumper and headlights and replaced them with the “hawkeye” designs of the 2006–07 WRX.

Ken Block WRX STI for sale front end
Keiron Berndt

It hasn’t been pampered, and it isn’t a barn find, but we think this ‘rex could bring big bucks: It represents a turning point for automotive culture and helped to usher in the YouTube content that automotive enthusiasts consume so ravenously these days. The listing says that car is getting a fresh service from Block’s rally team, including a new fuel cell. If you want to go out and try to break the World Record for longest car jump—a record once held by this very car—you could do a lot worse than this WRX.

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