Motorsports To Go! November 13, 2020

Welcome to Motorsports To Go! Each week, we will take a look at an upcoming event on We will tell you everything you need to know in order to participate. It’s the easiest way to get out of your recliner and into the driver’s seat. We’ll be covering everything from $25 autocrosses to million-dollar “gentlemen racer” opportunities, all of them explained in simple English via the same basic set of questions. Let’s get started!

What is it? Speed Club featuring Tommy Byrne! — register at MotorsportReg.

Well, what is it? It’s a higher-end trackday with a short run time, a catered lunch, and a chance to meet Tommy Byrne, one of racing’s all-time great talents (and characters).

Where is it? Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX.

What’s it cost? $395.

What kind of car do I need? A hardtop sedan or sports car in good mechanical condition. While Speed Club will conduct a minor inspection of your car ahead of time, you should use your own mechanic if you want to be certain.

What kind of personal equipment do I need? Long pants, long sleeves, closed-toe shoes — plus your own helmet, as Speed Club does not have loaners. Most Snell “M” and “SA” helmets should be fine; if you’re not sure, contact the organizers via

How long will it take? Check-in is at 10:30, there’s lunch, and then you’ll be on track intermittently from noon to 4pm.

Will there be someone to answer my questions at the event? Absolutely! Speed Club is novice-friendly and ready to answer questions both before and at the event.

Can I damage my car or get hurt? MSR Cresson is a big, fast track, so it’s worth considering HPDE insurance if you need to drive your car to work afterwards. In general, however, these are very safe events.

Why would I bother to do it? If you’ve never met Tommy Byrne, you’re missing out! MSR is a great track. Speed Club prides itself on solid, informative classroom sessions. And since it’s deep in the heart of Texas, the weather is going to be great!

What’s the hot setup, if I have time and money to prepare? In Texas, the answer is always “Viper ACR”.

Give me two tips or tricks to really shine. This is a long track, so you’ll want to memorize the layout ahead of time. It’s also never a bad idea to practice looking ahead on-track well before you ever get there. While you’re driving on the street in the weeks to come, try looking well ahead of your front bumper and seeing how much more alert you can be. Not only will that make you a faster driver on-track, it might just save you from a bad situation or two between now and then!

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