Graph of the Week: 2015’s Hottest Auction Cars

Overall, 2015 was a big year for collector car auctions even as the market started to level out. And as the collector car market is always changing, so is the kind of car that collectors and enthusiasts are interested in. For 2015, these were the cars that saw the biggest increases in number offered at auction over the previous 12 months.

If you’ve been to a Mecum sale recently, the inclusion of the Ford GT should be no surprise. It’s seen a 93 percent increase in number offered over the past 12 months and a value increase of 14 percent on average. There is no shortage of like-new sub-1,000-mile examples out there, and the GT appeals to enthusiasts thanks to its spectacular performance, Ford mechanicals and proper six-speed manual, so owners are capitalizing on the demand.

The 911 saw a 60 percent increase in number offered, which can partly be explained by their value increasing by 33 percent and encouraging owners to bring their cars to market. The Tiger is a similar story, as it saw a 38 percent increase in number offered and a 33 percent increase in value. Enthusiasts clamored for the more affordable Cobra performance that the Tiger offers, and more have come to auction to answer the call.

As for the Mercedes and the Jaguar, although they’ve seen a respective increase of 27 percent and 30 percent in number offered, values rose by well under 10 percent. Both of these cars did see a big run up last year, however, which could have encouraged owners to keep bringing theirs to market in 2015.

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