Watch this Dodge Aspen get pressure-washed back to life

The internet is filled with a seemingly endless number of videos chronicling the painstaking process of car detailing, but let me say up front that this clip is not one of them. There is no delicate touch or careful selection of polishing compound while the detailer wears gloves so as to not impart any debris into the paint. No, this is just the sheer satisfaction of watching dirt and grime get blasted off a unique teal four-door.

Let’s be clear about something; Dylan McCool is not heartlessly stripping away precious patina. This poor, neglected Dodge Aspen has been abandoned in a field for 17 years and has accumulated some serious crud. Though the sheetmetal still appears pretty solid, and previous videos show the car coming back to life after some seriously improper storage, this is no perfectly pickled barn find.

I see at least some redeeming qualities, though. This sadly abused four-door body packs what appears to be a 360-cubic-inch V-8. Especially paired with the rear-wheel-drive platform, this Aspen would make one mean sleeper. The faded paint would likely be just enough to distract from a set of cheater slicks stuffed into the wheel wells.

For now, though, sit back and enjoy the relaxing phenomenon of high-pressure water stripping the neglect from this sedan’s surface. May this video serve as a reminder: there’s more than a chance the car you see under that tree on your way home from work is worth saving. You could potentially, and very satisfyingly, blast those rough aesthetic edges away with just a little work.

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