This is how air conditioning works in your car


Sliding into the driver’s seat on a hot day is a sweltering experience. If you have air conditioning, however, you get to cruise in chilled comfort in no time. But how does that magical system take your car’s interior temperature from seared steak to sushi-chilled? Donut Media’s Science Garage is here to put the wind in your knowledge sails.

There aren’t many parts involved in the closed system of an air conditioner, but the science of absorbing heat from the air entering the cabin and carrying that heat to be dispersed hinges on the refrigerant. Thanks to the compression and expansion of the refrigerant, energy (heat) can be carried away from the driver and passengers. With the basic information here you even have a good start toward troubleshooting and repairing your own A/C system when you’re finished watching.

Give this video a look to gain just a little more appreciation for the hard work your car’s A/C system does on hot days.

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