What if your classic suffers storm-related damage while under restoration?

If your classic is already in a restoration shop when a storm comes crashing through and damages your car, what then?

If your vehicle is properly insured, you have the ability to file a claim with your personal lines carrier and agent, who will act on your behalf and see that you are compensated for any loss. So take a deep breath and count your blessings.

As Hagerty Commercial Lines Specialist Michael Dorman explains: “During the time of loss, if your vehicle is in the care, custody or control of another party such as a restoration shop, your claims representative can work with the shop in question to coordinate any possible shared claims responsibility. Most reputable shops carry Garage Keepers Liability coverage that could potentially be able to help respond, depending on the type of coverage in place, as well as the customer service agreements in force at the time.”

So if the shop has Garage Keepers coverage, an uninsured car owner would likely be covered under that policy. However, if you do have your collector car insured, your first call should be to your insurance agent to get the ball rolling and work with the shop and the shop’s carrier on your behalf.

As long as your restorer has the appropriate coverage, you’ll probably come out of the loss in reasonably good shape. However, it’s always best to have your own insurance on your collector car even if it is currently under restoration.

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