Secret Mission: Can you ID these 15 cars?

Eric Weiner

Dear Gumshoe,

We need your help. Top brass in Detroit wants answers. Deep-cover agents captured a number of unidentified detail images from the The Amelia car show last weekend. They just barely escaped—though some were, regrettably, sunburned.

In an effort to determine the identities of the vehicles below, we’ve enlisted your expertise. Your bravery, knowledge, and diligence will ensure the continued enthusiasm of the car hobby. As far as rolled eyes and confused looks from friends, spouses, and other civilians in their milquetoast CR-Vs and Escapes, we have our best people working on it. Don’t let it distract you from the task at hand.

Here’s how it’ll work. Below we’ve posted a list of 15 images. Your job is to cite the make and model, in the comments, that matches the corresponding entry and number. Could you Google search to check your work? Sure, but that wouldn’t be very much fun, so try to instead use the gooey, wrinkled thing between your ears instead of the rectangle thing in your pocket. Early next week, we’ll reveal the answers in a comment at the bottom of this article.

Good luck, Gumshoe. Absolutely nothing is riding on this. Just bragging rights. How many can you correctly identify?

-Operative Weiner, O.A.T. (Office of Automotive Trivia)

P.S. – Don’t get too fixated on the pithy nicknames. They’re mostly red herrings. (Mostly.)

1. Canio’s Quads

Eric Weiner


2. Arch Enemy

Eric Weiner


3. Night Vision

Eric Weiner


4. Seeing Double

Eric Weiner


5. Hip to be Square

Eric Weiner

6. True Stripes

Eric Weiner


7. Cool It

Eric Weiner


8. Heavy Breathing

Eric Weiner


9. Notre Dame de Intercooler

Eric Weiner


10. Spot Check

Eric Weiner

11. Catnip

Eric Weiner


12. Marchal Marchal Marchal

Eric Weiner


13. Crank It

Eric Weiner


14. Machine Learning

Eric Weiner


15. Old Bean

Eric Weiner









  1. BMW Z3M Coupe
  2. Morgan AeroMax (boattail version of Aero 8, which is an acceptable answer here)
  3. Jaguar Mk. II
  4. Alfa Romeo Spyder
  5. Mercedes-Benz E500
  6. Plymouth Duster
  7. Porsche 959
  8. Lamborghini Miura
  9. Ford GT
  10. Bugatti EB110
  11. Puma GT
  12. Alpine A110
  13. Cord 812
  14. Auto Union 1000 SP
  15. McLaren F1
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    I believe 13 is Amelia Earhart’s Cord – we just had an article on it and this picture was in the article. Beautiful car!!!

    My best take:
    1: BMW Z3
    2: Morgan Plus Six
    3: Jaguar Mk II
    4: Acura Integra
    5: Mercedes W124 (300E)
    6: Plymoouth Duster
    7: Porsche 959
    8: Lamborghini Miura
    9: Ford GT
    10: Bugatti EB 110
    11: Jaguar or Cougar??
    12: Alpine A110
    13: Cord
    14: Auto Union
    15: McLaren F1

    #14 – I am pretty sure its an FSO Syrena 105.
    Watch Jimmy De Ville – Engine Addict programme S1-E2 where he takes this engine and fits it to home made snow mobile. Great engine with, if i remember correctly, only has 9 moving parts.

    I had to look twice at the Auto Union; the earlier Saab 93s through 96s and Sonetts, using the 3 cyl – 2 stroke engines ALSO had the fan at the BACK. At the dealership where I worked, we referred to them as a “Single Overhead Fanshaft”. Most used a single bbl. carb; the Monte Carlo had 3 sidedraught SOLEX.

    1. BMW Z3
    2. Morgan (late model)
    3. Jaguar MKII
    4. Acura Integra
    5. Mercedes
    6. Dodge Super Bee
    7. Porsche 968
    8. Maserati
    9. Ford GT
    10. Bugatti
    11. Jag XJ5
    12. Matra
    13. Cord 810/812
    14. Saab 93
    15. Mercedes

    1 ?
    2. Morgan Plus 8
    3. Jaguar MK ?
    4 Toyota something-or-other
    5 Plymouth Duster
    7. Porsche 959
    8. Lamborghini Muira
    9. Ford GT (3rd gen)
    10. ?
    11. ?
    12. ?
    13. ?
    14. ?
    15. McLaren F1

    2)Pagani Huayra
    4) Acura Integra
    5) Mercedes Benz 190
    6) Plymouth Duster
    7) Ferrari Testarossa
    8)Lamborghini Miura
    11)Aston Martin

    1. Mercedes G wagon
    2. Morgan Aero 8
    3. Jaguar MkII
    4. Alfa Romeo GTV
    5. Mercedes 500E
    6. Plymouth Duster
    7. Porsche 959
    8. Lambo Miura
    9. Ford GT
    10. Bugatti EB110
    11. TVR
    12. Alpine A110
    13. Cord 810
    14. Auto Union 1000 SP
    15. McLaren F1

    Hope everybody had fun — I posted the answers at the bottom of the story. I’m pretty sure TeutonicScot came the closest!

    I have been a car nut for over 60 years and I couldn’t ID a single car in that list. Shame on me !

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