Debate settled: Wrenching is preferred over driving


In the debate between the best way to enjoy our classic cars, it all comes down to driving or wrenching. Last week in the Hagerty Forums we asked you to help us settle the debate. The results are in.

We received more than 60 responses, and in a close race between time under the hood vs. time behind the wheel, the wrenching camp won out with plenty of talk about how dreamy the experience of resurrecting a project with your own hands can be.

A large portion of respondents used the open-ended nature of the poll to create a third option—that wrenching and driving go hand in hand. Each harmonizes with the other. Sure, alone they are enjoyable, but a drive is that much better in a car that you’ve worked on yourself. Also, the significant difference between working on a commuter car and tuning up the car you enjoy driving can determine the level of motivation for those about to open the toolbox.

Overall, the process of owning a vintage car is inherently rewarding, since it is the act of keeping a piece of history maintained for the future. Somewhere between doing basic maintenance and a full restoration,  between a trip to the local coffee shop and driving Route 66 end-to-end, there is the satisfaction of being a part of sharing and keeping our automotive past healthy for the future. Regardless of how you participate in that, it is a fulfilling experience.

Great Race practice Plymouth Fury
Sabrina Hyde
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