Missing car spotting? Revisit Google Street View

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Casey Maxon @streetview.carspot

I was a Google My Business (GMB) expert in a past life, and nothing compared to the times when they’d erroneously place a business several miles away from the actual location. This obviously ruffled feathers at the business and required a frantic call to GMB’s India-based call center* to fix the location with the requisite proof from Google Street View.

The GMB rep eventually approved all my requests, but waiting on hold provided time for a new game: virtually “driving” around the surrounding area and looking for cool cars. Some of the cars I found around São Paulo, Brazil were absolutely amazing!

Perhaps our current situation makes this a good time to explore automotive hot spots with Google Street View. You can’t watch Netflix all night, can you?

Casey Maxon from the Historic Vehicle Association already knows the feeling, with an Instagram account sure to inspire your Google Street View adventure. We’ve included some of his collection below, from places like Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Portland, and even Marfa, Texas!

Here’s a personal contribution: my friend’s Z-car restoration shop always has some cool Datsuns lying around. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, however. So tell us: Where should Google Street View take us for cool cars in YOUR area?

*For those who know the inside joke: Yes, every rep at the Google call center called me “Sanjeev” without fail. 


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