According to You: What car best symbolizes the USA?

Ford Heritage Vault

Welcome to According to You, a weekly prompt on Hagerty Media where we pose a question, collect the answers, and share them the following week. This perhaps begs some questions from you, dear reader. Questions like, “Is Hagerty THAT desperate for clicks?” Or, before adjusting your tinfoil hat, “Why are you people harvesting my thoughts? Will my answer(s) affect insurance premiums?”

The driving force behind According to You is actually rather simple. For starters, you folks are exceptionally smart and insightful, and your comments deserve more attention. Secondly, I personally love expanding our community’s thoughts into deeper, more thoughtful discussions.  

According to You is part of my mission to challenge all of our expectations and broaden our collective horizons to new perspectives. I reckon it’s not unlike my decades-long approach to advice columns or design critiques, but perhaps that’s an “eye of the beholder” type of affair. I hope to feed a seemingly obvious question with nuanced notions. And I hope to be set straight by you folks if I fail in this quest.

A real Ohio player? Honda

So without any further ado, I ask you: What car best symbolizes the U.S. to you?

Your answers, my thoughts, and a new way to consider the question will come shortly afterwards!

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