According to You: New Year’s Resolutions Edition

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We asked for your New Year’s Resolutions, and you gave us plenty to chew on. The new year means a new start, and that includes the punch list for your favorite vehicle. So what did Hagerty readers determine most worth addressing in 2023? Have a look!

New weatherstripping

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Commenter extraordinaire DUB6 noted that my suggestion for new weatherstripping was right up his alley. Apparently he is “tired of the squeaks and whooshes in my doors, and that one tiny wet spot in the trunk whenever the car gets wet.” I know that feeling, and that’s why I’ve enjoyed the end result of new rubber seals on a car body, even if the work involved can be pretty miserable. Especially if it involves metal clips in tight spaces!

Devil in the details


I chose a photo of the Pontiac Fiero for this one, as that’s likely what regular Hagerty commenter hyperv6 was thinking about when he said, “I am down to fixing little detail parts that bug me and few others see.” He was going to upgrade his intake “about 10 years ago and replace my scratched side glass 5 years ago, and I just did both this year.” Well, progress is progress!

The road to roadworthy

Ferrari Enzo Utah mountain pass roadway drone aerial

TG wants to get “my ’65 to a level of assembly this year where it can get some road time.” Which means roadworthy, as he makes it clear that he “stopped short of saying finish” for his project. Just drive it? Sounds like a great idea.

Rid yourself of dreaded projects

Austin Healey engine on floor
Kyle Smith

Hagerty Community member TingeofGinge wants to get rid “of the projects I have, that I’ve found myself dreading.” Instead he wants “one good, interesting car I don’t hate looking at because it haunts me like a hundred bad decisions.”

Isn’t it crazy how items in your garage, barn, or attic can go from a source of joy to a source of stress? Not that we at Hagerty Media would know anything about that. No, we absolutely would not!

Pump the brakes

corvair brake pedal
Kyle Smith

John reminds us all to “Learn to say no.” People ask for things, and though we often go out of our way to help out, there are times where we need to set boundaries. Tending to one’s own garden is important, too:

“My garage time was my therapy and since I retired I no longer seem to have an excuse to say no. Sounds selfish I know, but my own stuff is suffering, along with my well being. Had no idea how important my garage time is.”

We totally get it, John. Make it happen.

Wake up the Boss

Mustang interior barn find
No, this isn’t the exact car in question. Use your imagination! Jordan Lewis

Community member ROGER FEE needs to give his Boss the credit it deserves and free it from a prison of sorts. A sentence that’s lasted six years and counting. His goal for 2023 is to “Get my Boss out of landlocked time-out.”

Get into fighting shape

Hagerty UK

Even if the car is in good form, things can happen to the driver. Hagerty reader Lon McKinstry wants his “new hip to work so I can get out of my Elva Courier. I can ‘fall’ in, but getting out is another story.”

Making things move like they used to is hard work! The juice will definitely be work the squeeze, though. (Also, please show us photos of the Elva Courier—what a neat thing!)

Keep it clean

ROBERT KRUG reminds us to not let time pass by. He wants to keep his cars well-maintained and detailed in preparation for some big plans. He’s looking to “hit some cars shows” in 2023, because, as he put it:

“At (age) 67, the clock is ticking.”

No time like the present!

Thank you all for sharing your 2023 New Year’s Resolutions with Hagerty. We’d love to hear more of your goals, aspirations, and full-on pipe dreams in the comments!

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    It’s kinda sad that we feel we need to commit ourselves to goals at New Years, innit? Shouldn’t we be doing this stuff all 365 days of the year? 😛
    Coincidentally, I started looking at sources for the weatherstripping kit for my Pontiac today. I have other things on the car that need attention, but I’ve decided now that I published the anti-squeaking/anti-whooshing goal to gosh-only-knows-how-many-folks, I’d move it to the top of the list of winter projects.

    I wouldn’t really say I committed myself to a goal… it’s more like I am at a point where I can realistically reassemble and drive within a calendar year… assuming no setbacks or distractions. I would post pics if we still had Community 🙁

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