Woodward Dream Cruise is stronger than ever in 2012

It’s hard not to have a good time at the Woodward Dream Cruise, which is sort of like a huge, family-friendly version of “American Graffiti,” complete with hot rods, roaring engines, diners and drive-ins. The overwhelming majority of the cars are American, including hot rods, muscle cars, convertibles and hardtops, seen how they were meant to be — in motion. Some of the highlights included a pristine ’66 Corvette, which the current owner found in a field and rescued from mice; an immaculate ’65 Falcon Futura convertible; and an A/FX altered ’65 Coronet.

Everybody we talked to had their favorite spots to eat, park and show off their cars and watch the cruise, whether at the legendary Vinsetta Garage, Hunter House Hamburgers, or the corner of 13 Mile and Woodward. The people who held up numbered signs rating the passing cars gave our crossover SUV a zero, but we give the Woodward Dream Cruise a 10 this year; it’s an exciting, nostalgic event, and it’s going stronger than ever.



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