The Drive Home continues across America leading to the reveal of the 7th generation Mustang

Line of Mustangs going to Mustang reveal event

The Drive Home is an annual road trip across the country to the Detroit Auto Show. It typically features vintage cars highlighting the importance of automotive heritage in America with stops at points of interest along the way, but this year it’s a little different. America’s Automotive Trust partnered with the Ford Motor Company to make The Drive Home to The Mustang Stampede an all-Mustang drive with cars from all six generations participating. Additionally, there is one special guest doing the whole 3,400 mile nine day event. The new, albeit disguised, 7th generation Mustang prototype is driving across the country alongside its elder siblings. The Drive Home culminates after the caravan that left from Tacoma Washington arrives in Detroit September 14th with a police-escorted procession into downtown for the official unveiling of the seventh-generation Mustang. For Mustang fans who will not be in Detroit, The Stampede will be broadcast live on social channels, including Ford YouTube and the Ford Mustang Facebook page.

Line of Mustangs at American Car Muuseum
The seven generations of Mustangs received a warm send off with a public cruise-in event at the LeMay-America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington, attended by more than 100 car collectors.

The Drive Home participants driving Mustangs began their journey on September 6th from LeMay – America’s Car Museum. Along the nine states they will cross stops are planned at points of interest and the public is encouraged to join in. Car clubs and enthusiasts are invited to join in their own vintage vehicle, and of course any Mustangs are invited. The excitement around the event has shown throughout the country so far. Impromptu Mustang festivals have broken out in hotel parking lots where The Drive Home participants are staying. Highway overpasses are often lined in Mustangs waiting to swoop down in formation and join the train. Some join for hundreds of miles one way before turning back, while others are continuing with the parade all way to the North American International Auto Show. Every stop seems to add more ponies.

The Drive Home to The Mustang Stampede
The Drive Home to The Mustang Stampede continues onward to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on September 14th for the global reveal of Ford’s new Gen 7 Mustang.

When they arrive in Detroit, a parade of over 1,000 Mustangs will join the caravan and travel from the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, MI to downtown Detroit (Hart Plaza). This portion of The Drive Home is dubbed ‘The Stampede’ and they had to cut off additional participation as interest was so high for this event from Mustang enthusiasts. After the unveiling of the new Mustang, The Drive Home participants will visit Cars and Community as a part of the Detroit Concours d’Elegance on Saturday September 17th. The event is totally revamped from the former Concours of America. On Saturday it includes Radwood, a celebration of cars from the 1980s and 1990s, and the Concours d’Lemons, which recognizes the mundane and downright weird examples of the automotive world. Sunday is the Inaugural Detroit Concours d’Elegance.

Mustangs at gas stationItinerary for The Drive Home

September 6 | The Drive Home to The Mustang Stampede Cruise-In at LeMay – America’s Car Museum, Tacoma, WA | Rally to Yakima, WA

September 7 | Rally from Yakima, WA to Boise, ID

September 8 | Cars & Coffee at Moon’s Kitchen Cafe, Boise, ID – Rally from Boise, ID to Salt Lake City, UT

September 9 | Rally from Salt Lake City, UT to Cheyenne, WY

September 10 | Rally from Cheyenne, WY to Kearney, NE

September 11 | Rally from Kearney to Kansas City, MO – 12pmCST Photos at Hollenberg Pony Express Site (2889 23rd Road, Hanover, KS) – 4-5pmCST Stop at Pony Express National Museum (914 Penn Street, St. Joseph, MO)

September 12 | Cars & Coffee at The Roasterie – The Factory (1204 W 27th St., Kansas City, MO) | 7-8:30amCST – Rally from Kansas City, MO to Springfield , IL

September 13 | Rally from Springfield, IL to Auburn, IN – Cruise-In at Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, Auburn, IN | 5 – 8pmCST

September 14 | Rally from Auburn, IN to The Stampede Convoy from Ford World Headquarters to Detroit, MI

September 15 | Rally from Detroit, MI to Hickory Corners, MI

September 16 | Ford Model A Days at Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners, MI | Rally from Hickory Corners, MI to Detroit, MI

September 17 | The Drive Home Take A Spin from Detroit Auto Show to Detroit Concours Cars & Community | 9am-4pmEST

September 18 – 25 | The Drive Home cars on display at Detroit Auto Show

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Mustang at sunset

Mustang on the road

Mustang GT, car 3

Fox Body Mustang GT
Andy Jolly is representing the 3rd generation and intends to drive his Fox Body GT with the top down the whole way.

Mustang gen-4

Mustang Gen-5

Mustang Gen-6

Mustang pre-reveal

New Mustang drifting pre-reveal

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