Chevrolet releases pics of the C8’s steering wheel

As much as we’d all like to take the C8’s steering wheel from the test drivers right now, Chevy’s PR peeps took matters into their own tapping fingers and put the wheel on Instagram. 

Beholding the wheel digitally is somewhat less exciting, given that steering wheels are supposed to appear beneath your hands, with your feet planted firmly on the pedals, and your ears tuned for that glorious small-block song. We are so ready for the July 18 release, and that really is the point.

Our appetites whetted by years of waiting, we sat down to devour the shameless bit of teasing that Chevy threw us. 

It has a flat top. That’s the real headliner—the C5 and C6 squished the classy circle a bit, with the C7 finally making a decision and flattening out the bottom, but the C8 decided it wanted to look race-car inspired not once in a revolution, but twice. Your knees need fear nothing. 

Brushed nickel accents made their debut in the sixth generation, became positively outspoken surrounding the crossed flags of the C7’s wheel, and have now trimmed themselves nicely around the several toggles and buttons of the C8’s new setup. Between the paddle shifters and the volume and whatever other exciting decisions these buttons help you make, the C8’s wheel is very nearly symmetrical, breaking the balance to favor right-handers with a couple mysterious thumb-accessible buttons. 

The spokes are set low, reminiscent of C4s and C5s, in contrast to the 9-and-3 position of the C2. The low profile rim and hole-punched machined metal spokes of the first Corvette are gone, but there’s still a steering wheel and it’s still attached to what promises to be, as always, an American dream come true.

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