Car Show Safety Tips

You’ve probably seen the signs, large and small, placed on or near collector cars. Maybe you’ve even used one. These signs ask others to be courteous enough not to finger, scratch, lean against or otherwise tarnish your showpiece.

While signs may help keep some fans at a distance, they can’t prevent clumsy or accidental behavior from potentially harming your ride. So, short of rent-a-Doberman, what are some effective ways of encouraging others to leave their belt buckles and dangling cameras and purses, as well as Popsicle-wielding children away from your one and only?

Apply a good coat of wax before the show to strengthen your car’s finish.  Place spec sheets and other signs in stands away from your car, so people don’t have to lean over your car, or near the pristinely polished under-hood to read them.

  • If your hood is up inviting people in, use fender covers to keep their limbs at bay.
  • Consider ropes or other barricades to keep spectators far enough away from your car.
  • Probably the most valuable tool is you! If the owner is watching, fans will be better behaved. A polite, “Please don’t get too close. That paint job took 90 hours” will go a long way toward making friends of the hobby, while also keeping your car in mint condition.
  • Be vigilant; keep an eye out for small children or dogs that can be problematic when they get too close.
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