Another Guinness World Record as Mobil 1 continues to promote driving on Route 66

Momentum is building with Mobil 1’s efforts to make Route 66 a National Historic Trail

As we have previously discussed, Mobil 1 is currently running a campaign called Keep Route 66 Kickin’, to help preserve one of America’s most famous roads for motorists – the historic Route 66. In order to celebrate and support the love of driving, Mobil 1 wants to encourage drivers that the best route can be the scenic route. To highlight this, the Mobil 1 Muffler Man is travelling the iconic roadway, stopping at small businesses along the way and spotlighting their impact on Route 66 through world record attempts.

First up, was Mobil 1 and the Muffler Man’s stop in Seligman, AZ at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In. There they set the Guinness World Record for the most different milkshake flavors served with 266 in a little over one hour. The owners of the Snow Cap reported that they are seeing fewer visitors since COVID and were excited with the way Mobil 1 is promoting driving Route 66.

Most recently the Keep Route 66 Kickin’ campaign was in Albuquerque, NM at Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor for another world record attempt. This time they brought in a professional eater (yes, that is a thing) who was able to set the record for the most corndogs eaten in 3 minutes. The mark to beat was eight, and Geoff Esper of Massachusetts was able to consume 11 in just three minutes to secure the Guinness World Record.

Following that, a group of Major League Eaters (MLE – yes, believe it or not that is also a real thing) put on a show for the crowd when they had eight minutes to see how many they could eat. 8-time Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Champion Miki Sudo was crowned the Clowndog Corndog Eating Champ by devouring 21 corndogs, beating second place by just a ½ a corndog at the buzzer. To be clear, these aren’t your grocery store frozen corndogs. These are Clowndog’s jumbo 7-inch long, 2-inch diameter corndogs filled with a jumbo Nathans frank.

So, a restaurant in Albuquerque helped set a new Guinness World Record, what does that have to do with cars? We think this road trip Mobil 1 is doing to promote the love of driving as an escape from our day-to-day is important. They are actually doing something to help save Route 66 and the small businesses that depend on it.

When it was created in 1926, Route 66 became known as a quintessential road trip experience across the United States – buoyed by the small, unique businesses that help give the road its character. While the highway continues to be an icon of American culture and a pilgrimage for those with a love of driving, it has become bypassed over the decades with the rise of larger interstate systems.

The last few years have not been easy for the local businesses along the way. Mobil 1 is trying to show how special a Route 66 journey can be while highlighting small business along the route. These fun events they are holding are just examples of the memory-making unique attractions and experiences you can find along the route. If you aren’t near Route 66, find another overlooked route where you can escape the hustle of everyday life and get out and enjoy the drive.

The first two locations they have visited have very contrasting histories. The Snow Cap is a historic eatery built in 1953 that is worth saving. The Clowndog just opened during COVID and tries to pay homage to Route 66 in a new way. Mobil 1’s road trip isn’t just about nostalgia, it’s also about the future. Mobil 1 says the point of these world record attempts is to generate more conversations about the small businesses that make Route 66 so magical.

The journey will continue to Litchfield, Illinois, where Mobil 1 will team up with local canines to strive for the world record of most dogs attending a film screening at the Litchfield Skyview Drive-In on October 15th. If you’re nearby, grab your pups, your friends and their pups, and even more pups….and come hang out for another record-breaking event.

The historic 2,400 miles of roads are home to numerous unforgettable local businesses worth exploring. Drivers are encouraged to visit to help plan their next road trip. The website will feature over 100 other attractions along the route for motorists to explore.

It’s the mother road. The flip side of wasted time on the highway filled with screens and phone calls racing to what’s next. On Route 66 the most interesting screen is the windshield. Route 66 is an example of the destination being the journey itself. The businesses along Route 66 still need help. You can join in the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand’s campaign advocating to make Route 66 a National Historic Trail by visiting Sign your name to receive stories and updates. The goal is 66,000 signatures and later, all supporters’ names will be inscribed on the Mobil 1 Muffler Man.

There are over 4 million miles of road in the US, but no road is home to more incredible memories than Route 66. For the love of driving, let’s keep Route 66 kicking. If you’re thinking about taking a drive on Route 66, Hagerty employees recently shared 18 of their favorite spots to visit along the route.

Lastly, when it comes to corndogs, what do you do with that little breading at the bottom of the stick – leave it or eat it? Let us know in the comments!

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    if you don’t chew that crunchy nib of batter off to leave a clean stick, you’re a bigger weenie than the one inside a Clowndog Corndog, and you probably don’t eat the crust of your pizza, either, ya slacker! 😋

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