Who restores a 28-year-old German station wagon?

Memorable experiences with a car can cement a particular model in your brain for decades. Noted auto journalist Jason Cammisa knows because after he got the bug with a BMW, he spent years reliving that experience from behind the wheel of a BMW E30 Touring.

In a video from BMW Group Classic, which specializes in supporting owners of vintage BMW models, Cammisa tells the story of his E30 Touring. A boxy long-roof four-door, the classic sheet metal and practical-yet-sporty design are only a small part of why he sought out this 28-year-old Bimmer.

The E30-generation 3 Series has long been revered for its handling and balance, and the car’s sheer volume and affordability has made it a mainstay in enthusiast and racing circles. Cammisa’s E30 Touring model is especially vaunted from afar here in the U.S.—the long-roof was a European only model until the 25-year import rule allowed import stateside.

Now U.S. enthusiasts can enjoy the wagon—at a price.

“Touring cars would command a premium over a comparable sedan or coupe,” says Hagerty information analyst Jesse Pilarski. “Given the fact you couldn’t get in the U.S. until recently adds to the value due to supply and demand. The buyers of 25-year-old BMW seem to also be station wagon enthusiasts.”

While the value might be on the rise for Cammisa’s car, he has no plans to stop driving it any time soon. He owns the car to enjoy it, and that means shows and car meets, but also many miles on mountain roads and on the racetrack. As it should be.

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