The lifted, diesel-powered ’64 Cadillac that Detroit shoulda built


We know what you’re thinking: Why didn’t Cadillac build a lifted, four-wheel-drive, apparently Baja-ready, diesel-powered Sedan DeVille in 1964?

The popularity of the Sedan DeVille is well-documented. It started production in 1958, and Cadillac built various iterations through 2005, spanning eight generations altogether. And while we’ve seen custom DeVilles aplenty, this one rings our bell.

To wit (and we’ve helped out with spelling and punctuation): “Full show 1964 Cadillac Sedan DeVille full custom, nut-and-bolt restoration. Frame started from a brand-new dealer-delivered GMC 2500 that was heavily modified to fit the Cadillac’s body perfect [sic].

CadiMax Custom Cadillac Deville Duramax Creation interior front seats 1964 off-road diesel
CadiMax Custom Cadillac Deville Duramax Creation interior door panel 1964 off-road diesel

“This vehicle is a show car, it is not a backyard build. Vehicle has every option a GMC truck would have, a diesel Allison engine, all electronics, custom sound system, functional airbags, shift on the fly, EFI live, on and on. This was a no-budget build. Drivetrain has 27,000 miles on it, the build has 1200 miles on it, all documented.”

So would you like to drive this DeVille? Better bring cash. It’s a classic “I know what I’ve got” ad: “Please don’t ask any stupid questions. Yes, it was built right; yes, it has it; yes, it does it.”

So! Will the buyer take a cashier’s check? Uh, possibly not. “No, I will not take your fake cashier’s check. You buy it now, price is $70,000 cash money.”

So here’s the Craigslist ad, which we came upon via Beware, though: Once seen, this Sedan DeVille cannot be forgotten.


CadiMax Custom Cadillac deville Duramax diesel Creation high angle front three quarter 1964 off-road



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    I would be all over this if the rear doors had been converted to hinge at the rear—“suicide doors.”

    C’mon, slacker, how could you overlook such an important detail?

    Suicide doors suck……I’m surprised that you didn’t suggest Lambo doors….the one thing that that sucks even more!

    Uhhh, weren’t all GMC 2500’s dealer-delivered? And what year GMC 2500? Is it a DEF or non-DEF donor? How come the stated mileage figures don’t add up? Seller says it started with a new GMC 2500. Did I miss something?

    It’s neat, but if you think it’s the car Detroit should have built you might have missed the general point of the 60s era Cadillac

    I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that all of the desirable collectibles will be squirreled away in pole barns and garages to never see the road again and the majority of the remainder of the old cars will be butchered up and have LS’s (or it’s Diesel cousin in this case) thrown in them

    Yeah, took the words right out of my mouth. Especially from across the pond, this just SCREAMS Redneck contrarian.

    Regardless, like it or not, the man put a lot of time, skill, and craftsmanship into his vision. Most people nowadays wouldn’t know where to start. I bet it is a blast to cruze in.

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