Spread refreshment across America with this rare Coca-Cola GMC motor home


The ultimate Coca-Cola collector’s item can be yours, and you can even sleep in it. Available through a Hemmings classified listing, this 1978 GMC motorhome was one of just five Coke-themed RVs created for a promotion, and supposedly one of just three known to have survived. Coke offered similar RVs, but with toned-down graphics, to its distributors and bottlers.

1978 GMC RV

According to the listing, this white and red GMC GadAbout RV is in excellent mechanical condition and just completed a 4000-mile trip. It benefits from recent upkeep to the suspension, plumbing, and HVAC system and has been remodeled inside. There’s even a refrigerator modeled after a Coke vending machine and a plaque in the dash to make the whole thing official. Outfitted as a grand prize for a die-hard Coca-Cola fan, the exterior is actually rather tame for a vehicle that was pretty much intended to be a rolling billboard. The red stripe and graphic on the flanks are filled with a single “Enjoy Coca-Cola” in the brand’s signature script, and the rear has a nice touch: a spare tire cover shaped like a gigantic bottle cap. Genius!

GMC’s revolutionary motorhome used the TH425 transaxle from GM’s personal luxury cars like the Olds Toronado and Cadillac Eldorado. Indeed, the GMC motorhomes were powered by the same powertrains as the Oldsmobiles, with either 403 or 455 V-8s providing the motivation. (As it’s a later-production model it should be the 403 in this case.) The FWD drivetrain allowed for a low floor while the four rear wheels, mounted onto air-suspension trucks, provided a smooth ride. It was a lesson in efficient packaging that allowed for loads of interior room in a vehicle that wasn’t as ungainly as its competitors.

1978 GMC Motorhome

There are still plenty of fans out there celebrating these cruisers, and a community exists to service and maintain them. There are even a handful of them currently for sale.

This rare collectible is located in Florida with an asking price of $65,000. That’s a bit of a premium over some of its GMC brethren, but not by much. Enjoy!

1978 GMC RV
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