Car Gal Vicki and her Mustang

The following story is one of the entries for Hagerty’s “Car Guy Search,” a campaign to find the star of our next “Car Guy” print ad. For information on how you can submit your own story, see below.

When my husband Jim and I married in 1993, he owned a 1965 T-Bird and I owned a collectible Plymouth. We kept the T-Bird until 2000 then went searching for our dream car.

In July 2006, Jim and I finally found a 1968 Mustang convertible, red with black interior and top. We called our regular auto insurance agent, who said our Mustang would be covered. The next day we drove it home with our grandsons in the backseat.

We drove family and friends around town and took one road trip—all the while waiting for our insurance company to send us a policy. After three unreturned phone calls to our agent, I called the insurance company directly. “No,” I was told, “we no longer insure classic cars. Your car is not insured by this company.”

“Not insured!” I yelped. “You mean I’ve driven my Mustang for six weeks while uninsured!”

I hung up–hard.

Immediately, I called a car buddy; he said two words, “Call Hagerty.”

Within ten minutes, the Hagerty agent had calmed me down, had sent me an e-mail of what papers and photos I needed to send in, took my payment over the phone, and e-mailed me a temporary certificate of insurance. My “baby” was safe.

After two Christmases of getting car parts for gifts, Jim is again looking forward to working on our Mustang; I am eager to detail it for the Sioux Falls Ford Car Show June 8, 2008. After all, we’ve already won a First and a Second in the two car shows we entered last year. But most of all, we are looking forward to driving our dream classic almost daily as soon as the snow melts and the sun warms.

Vicki from Sioux Falls, SD

P.S. There are Car Gals too. As the trusted insurance provider for your collector vehicles, we want to know: What makes you ride with Hagerty? Do you have a rare or unusual vehicle that’s covered by our Agreed Value policy? Did our Repair Shop of Choice feature make your last claim hassle-free? Have you called on Hagerty Plus for a middle-of-the-night tow, or the Hagerty Concierge Service for assistance in locating a hard-to-find part? Send us your story – and you could be featured in an upcoming Hagerty “Car Guy” print ad!

Submissions should be no more than 300 words in length. Send your story to or Hagerty Insurance Agency, Attn: Marketing, P.O. Box 1303, Traverse City, MI 49685-1303 by March 31, 2008. For a complete list of rules for Hagerty’s “Car Guy Search,” please click here. Those selected to appear in an ad will be contacted personally by Hagerty for more details.

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