“Wood” you drive this timber-clad F-150?

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Facebook Marketplace is a pretty amazing place, isn’t it? It has such a big draw that younger folks who don’t use Facebook might still get a Marketplace ad from a friend: The Meta buy/sell platform has surpassed Craigslist for good reason. Marketplace advertisements are easy to share, especially within the Facebook universe. Here’s one that I got from my fellow earth-toned evangelists at the Brown Car Appreciation Society.

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You should join this society if you like brown cars, obviously, and my dad jokes. Just kidding, I rarely make such jokes; I am a serious automotive journalist. (Any member of Hagerty Media that suggests otherwise should be ashamed of themselves.)

And this 1983 Ford F-150 is no punchline. This example of automotive joinery replaced every bit of sheetmetal that left the assembly line with a functional wooden design element. The only exterior bits that aren’t wood are the windows, lights, the factory Ford wheel covers, and the tin roof.

The ad states this used to be is a long-wheelbase Ford truck, and the sheer volume of wood needed to enclose it proves the point. But it is no longer a truck; it is more of a homage to wood-paneled wagons of yesteryear, with a drop tail that looks easy to hop on and go for a ride. The inside looks like a better place to travel: Considering the size of the doors and the rear compartment, it must have a spacious cabin.

The interior joinery doesn’t disappoint. The seller did an admirable job framing the factory gauge cluster, and building the dashboard around it. The 1990s-era Ford digital stereo is a surprise dash (sorry) of modernity, as is the functionality that comes from adding an RV-style side window into the roof. The rear seat suggests this used to be an F-150 Super Cab, and the body appears to taper to match the width of that seat.

Judging by the condition of the interior bits that survived the transformation from truck to woody wagon, I reckon this F-150 happily lived on this property until a tree fell on it. Not wanting to send a perfectly good vehicle to the scrapper, why not combine truck and tree into a reincarnated vehicle?

Of course, that’s just my guess. If you have $5000 and can make the journey to Bivins, TX, you can get the full scoop for yourself. The seller admits they are open to offers and have the title in hand. The vehicle also runs and drives, though its legality might come into question like a certain police interceptor we recently discussed. But this woody is certainly an interesting machine for a large farm or ranch, where private land grants you the freedom to you do whatever you please. On that note, it’s good to remember these words from the seller, “Yes, I built this myself.”




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