Amp up your spring break road trip with this “Vacation”-inspired Family Truckster

The snowy parts of the U.S. are starting to see the sun again, and schools are letting students out for spring break, which means families will be loading up their luggage and driving the open road for vacation. If the cars in your garage just aren’t up to the task; you might be in need of a vintage station wagon.

After all, station wagons provide more carrying capacity than a minivan, better fuel economy than an SUV, and that irresistible longroof styling. Then there’s the Wagon Queen Family Truckster.

In National Lampoon’s Vacation, the Griswolds constant misadventure made the Family Truckster a beloved icon, and if you want to add a touch of that movie magic to your road trip, place your bids on this 1981 Ford LTD homage car at Barrett Jackson’s Palm Beach auction April 11–13. Done up in the correct Metallic Pea hue, complete with wood paneling, and (best of all) no reserve, this Wagon Queen Family Truckster looks ready for shenanigans.

1981 Ford LTD Station Wagon "Family Truckster" interior front
1981 Ford LTD Station Wagon "Family Truckster" Barrett-Jackson
1981 Ford LTD Station Wagon "Family Truckster" side passenger
1981 Ford LTD Station Wagon "Family Truckster" Barrett-Jackson

1981 Ford LTD Station Wagon "Family Truckster" 3/4 rear
1981 Ford LTD Station Wagon "Family Truckster" Barrett-Jackson

The wood paneling immediately catches your eye, but if you can manage to bear the ugliness of the front end for more than a few seconds, the spider-like eight-headlight arrangement really ties the beast together. Of course, with certain expired cargo tied to the roof, the massive volume of interior space means plenty of real estate for lively activities.

Picture it now, a five-liter Ford V-8 and automatic transmission propels you past the Grand Canyon in your search for that magical wonderland that is Wally World. And remember, when driving a vehicle as prestigious as the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, just try and keep it between the lines when a blonde in a Ferrari pulls alongside and gives you that look.

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