This Peugeot 505 S five-speed diesel is the perfect budget classic


Back in the late ’70s, Peugeot had to modify the 505’s body to comply with American regulations. Starting from 1980, the U.S. cars got quad round headlamps and different taillights, larger bumpers, relocated tailpipes and antennas, and with the fuel tank moved inwards, its filler got moved from the left side to the right as well. None of this need concern you today. What’s important is that after the demise of the 505, Peugeot’s fate was sealed in North America, leading to this model’s growing popularity among enthusiasts on a budget.

Simply put, there’s no easier way of getting into the classic scene than with a four-door manual car with a workhorse of a diesel engine.

Reportedly pulled from 25 years of storage last year, this 1982 Peugeot 505 S packs the beefier 2.3-liter turbodiesel rated at 80 horsepower. White over a blue interior, the car shows 120,000 miles now, which means you can do plenty of manual shifting before this powertrain would blow. Recent service history includes new brake and clutch master cylinders, a new water pump with a coolant flush, plus fresh oil in the pan.

More tinkering will need to be done, but with six days to go, this no-reserve offering is an absolute steal at the moment, standing at $500 on Bring a Trailer as it waits for its new owner to to tackle the 2020s with it. Designed by Pininfarina and produced in twelve countries between 1978–99, it’s no surprise that Peugeot sold over 1.35 million of these stylish three-box sedans (and wagons).


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