Graph of the Week: The Most Popular Vehicles for People Under 35

Measured by growth in the number of quotes from Hagerty, these are the seven most popular cars for the younger (under 35) enthusiast by make and model, along with the most popular year for each. This list is less a matter of growing popularity of these particular models than it is growing interest from a younger crop of enthusiasts. All seven of these cars are already popular and have been for a long time in the classic market, and all are relatively common collectibles that are in the Hagerty Hundred Index. They are also all relatively affordable, especially the ’69 Volkswagen.

The popularity of the cars themselves isn’t all that surprising, but the incredible growth is, and quotes at Hagerty for people under 35 are growing at a rate three tiems faster than those for people over 35. With such huge growth in interest from younger people, much of it over the past year, it looks like it’s safe to say that the car guy is indeed not a dying breed.

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