Does this barn-find 1963 Cadillac deserve a new lease on life?


You know how internet car shopping goes. One minute you’re looking for a simple, turn-key weekend toy, and the next thing you know you’re casting a wider and wider net in order to see cars you may have never considered. Heaven help you if you type “project” or “barn find” into the Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist search bar. That’s how we found this colossal Cadillac convertible located outside of Portland, Oregon.


The listing calls it a Deville, but it may be a Series 62 instead. Despite being in storage for more than 30 years, both the paint and engine, supposedly original, look like they’re ready for a serious overhaul. At first glance, that front end looks peppered from gravel, leading to loads of rust spots, but the spots continue well onto the hood.

Inside, many of the luxury liner’s chrome bits are intact, as are the floorboards, although they do look quite pitted. It’s a similar situation in the trunk.


The driver’s side shot shows several large blemishes that appear to be previous repairs. Is that body filler underneath? Aside from those troublesome telltales, the driver’s side angle shows off the fabulous mid-century lines that make these Cadillacs so appealing. There are flashier Caddy fins, but these are tough to beat for elegance and sophistication. And those jet-thruster-like chrome taillight surrounds? Perfection.


Currently, a 1963 Series 62 Cadillac drop-top is valued at $17,600 in #4 (Fair) condition. This specimen is still below a #4, but we think it’s still deserving of some love and attention. A rebuild of the 325-hp 390 V-8, new carpet and upholstery, and, most important, quite a bit of bodywork and fresh paint, would go a long way to reviving this once-proud beauty.


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